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Today's Date and Time is: Fri April 16 01:46PM

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Audio Messages


Hosea 08-Sep-2008
I am the good Shepherd 04-Sep-2011
John 18-19 21-Mar-2005
John 20 18-May-2010
Millenium 17-May-2009
Son of Man 14-Feb-2011
Philemon 19-Jan-2009
Justification 11-Oct-2010
John 19:16-42 03-Mar-2010
The field building and temple 01-Oct-2007
Josepha Brothers Envious and angery 12/11/2011
Genesis 39 Joseph 4/1/2012
Genesis 40 Joseph 7/29/2012
Genesis 45 Joseph 11/18/2012
Life From Death 2/3/2013
The Power Of Fish 4/7/2013
Luke 15 7/28/2013
John-1 2/2/2014
Faith of Abraham 4/6/2014
Hebrews 11 7/27/2014
Thanksgiving 11/23/2014
Love God and Man 3/22/2015
Love Others 5/24/2015
Baptism 7/26/2015
The Armor of God 1/24/2016
John 6 the Bread of Life 5/29/2016
John 4 The Woman at the Well 7/31/2016

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