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[VID]Come Gracious Spirit.flv2011-06-27 17:51 15M 
[VID]Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling.flv2011-06-27 17:52 14M 
[VID]You Can Always Come Home.flv2011-06-27 17:52 14M 
[VID]amazing-love.flv2011-06-27 17:50 14M 
[VID]Nearer my God to Thee.flv2011-06-27 17:52 14M 
[VID]My Saviours Love.flv2011-06-27 17:52 13M 
[VID]For those Tears I Died.flv2011-06-27 17:51 13M 
[VID]Who am I.flv2011-06-27 17:52 12M 
[VID]Blessed Assurance.flv2011-06-27 17:51 12M 
[VID]He Still Came.flv2011-06-27 17:51 12M 
[VID]Day by Day.flv2011-06-27 17:51 12M 
[VID]Are you wash in the blood.flv2011-06-27 17:51 11M 
[VID]Higher Ground.flv2011-06-27 17:51 10M 
[VID]Rock of Ages.flv2011-06-27 17:52 9.5M 
[VID]Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.flv2011-06-27 17:52 9.4M 
[VID]How Great Thou Art.flv2011-06-27 17:51 9.4M 
[VID]Lily of the Vally.flv2011-06-27 17:51 7.2M 
[VID]Sunrise.flv2011-06-27 17:52 6.9M 
[VID]Abide With Me.flv2011-06-27 17:50 6.5M 
[VID]Jesus lover of my soul.flv2011-06-27 17:51 6.2M 
[VID]Crossing the Bar.flv2011-06-27 17:51 6.0M 

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